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Jasmine my Jasmine in a new pot: What has happened?

My mom recently gave me two jasmine plants. It produces yellow flowers with long tubular stalks that are highly fragrant.

I believe it is the Italian Jasmine. Tubular stalks of the yellow flowers, highly fragrant which I get to appreciate when I pass them by. (see pic with the spent bloom - the bloom was already spent prior to transplant)


When I transplanted, it was shady afternoon, no sun. They came in plastic sleeves so I merely took them off and placed them in the pot with drainage holes. The entire root ball was hardly disturbed at all. The bottom soil of the root ball was moist and it even had earth worms which I thought would be beneficial for the soil and plant. I watered it afterwards and kept it away from direct sun.

I was unpleasantly surprised to find out the morning after that some of the leaves have turned brown (brown patches on the leaves surfaces) and some have shriveled. It was upsetting as the root ball was barely disturbed. the soil was still moist and i checked it further with a soil moisture monitor and also stuck my finger down the soil as well so i didnt water it today. I tried however to loosen up the soil surrounding the root ball for fear that it drowned or something.

I transplanted it in a pot together with the soil it came (it fit perfectly without any disruption to the root whatsoever). It was placed in a slightly shady area.

A day later I found some of the leaves have turned brown. The brown patches were sporadically scattered on the surface of the leaves. The leaves themselves do not look dried up although some that have majorly turned brown did.

What happened to my jasmine?
(I only have two and have grown to like em so im a bit panicked as to why and what I did?)
Is it sick? diseased? or just stressed from the transplant although like I said, it came with its own soil in a disposable plastic bag pot so I merely carefully removed it from the plastic sleeve and popped it into a pot (with holes etc)
What do i do? Do i repot? Leave it as is?

I provided pics...please please help.



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Re: Jasmine my Jasmine in a new pot: What has happened?

Where are you located? Here, it is 15°F outside, so I inevitably think frost damage, but it looks like you have your plant outside so it must be warm where you are?

So my second thought was that if it had a plastic sleeve (like the kind you get with cut flowers?) it may have been used to a higher humidity level, and the sudden removal of the moist environment caused the tender moisture reliant leaves to dry up. Try thoroughly misting the plant with 10% solution of whole milk and filtered or de-chlorinated water. Shake well before spraying. The milk can provide a thin moisturizing film to protect the leaves.

Check the Relative Humidity in the area where you are keeping your plant. You may want to fashion a humidity tray for it underneath -- large tray, either fill with gravel or raise the jasmine pot on risers and fill the tray with water but keep below bottom of the jasmine pot.

The plant probably should a slowly acclimated to more light and start out in a shady or dappled sun location.
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