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Need help with trailing African violet

I'm new to African violets, and with an order I received a free trailing variety. I understand the potting requirements for the standard single-crown varieties, but I'm less clear on the trailers. I know they need a more shallow container and shouldn't be in too large a pot, but I have no idea how to determine the proper size for this free one! It's tall, like a stalk! It's currently in a 2-1/2" pot, but it's about 4" tall! Everything I've read says they should be more spreading as opposed to growing upright. Can I lop off the top of the stalk to try to encourage more horizontal growth? If I pot it into a 4" shallow container would that cause it to spread out more, or is that too big a jump up in size? I love the plant, but I'm not really sure how to proceed with it - maybe I should just leave it as is? Any advice would be most welcome!
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