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Keeping plants alive for a week

Hey all. It's been a while since I've posted anything here, but I wanted to seek your advice. It's almost July. Temperatures have been in the 90's every day, and we're going to be leaving for over a week next month. I have a lot of peppers and tomatoes in pots outside, and I'm probably just going to bring them indoors for the duration. If I water them really well beforehand, will they be able to stay alive for 10 days indoors in moderate A/C? Our house won't be pitch dark and I'll put them under a (ceiling) light. I know I'll have to ease them back outdoors, but will the lack of sunlight alone kill them in that time?
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Re: Keeping plants alive for a week

Well as already implied your problem is water not light and yes, they most definitely will die if you leave them for that long!

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Re: Keeping plants alive for a week

Lowes has electronic water timers for under $30. That is what I use. There are different types on the market, but I always opt for ones that use AA batteries. We have had great luck with these water timers. The watering schedule is easy to set on every type that I've used. We have lots of planter grown vegetables and ornamental plants and we use the timers to turn sprinklers on and off each day. It really decreases the daily watering chore. At some point you may want to consider coupling a timer with some drip irrigation. Then the plants will definitely run on autopilot for extended periods of time.
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