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minture tomatos/peppers in pots?

Ok so a local store gave me a bunch of cutting pots that they had all their roses for valentine's day in. About 16 in total. I can probably get more too. I plan to drill holes in them for drainage. They're about 5 gallons. 1 plant per pot.
thought they'd be great for my miniature tomato plants and my mini red bell peppers. But I have a few questions.

Are 5gallon pots to small even for a mini tomato?

Can I grow non mini peppers in 5G pots? (Would save a ton of room in my garden.)

What kind of soil is best for pots?
Can I use soil from my raised beds?

Is there any other plants I can put in these pots? Like yellow squash or bush beans? I'd like a small list of veggies. :)

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Small tomatoes do ok in 5 gallon pots.
Other things that do well in 5 gallon pots. At least for a while

Peppers, hot and sweet
Bay leaf (they grow slowly so can stay in pots a couple of years.)
Rosemary (2-3 years)
ginger (1 season)
taro (5 small, 1 large)
cucumber (2)
beans (4 pole beans)
1 zucchini squash
1 kale
sweet potato 1 season
ornamental ginger
lemon grass
small citrus tree (until it grow out of it)

These needed 18 gallon pots to be happy

Large tomato vines (over 4 ft)
dwarf citrus tree mature (20 inch pot)
coffee tree
slow growing palms

Not happy in pots

Rosemary needs to continually uppotted. If it becomes potbound it stunts
Lavender does ok in pots, but will always be smaller than in the ground
comfrey does not like to be in pots. Has a large thick root system
Figs can handle pots for a few years but will eventually break through the pot.
Ornamental gingers. Need to be divided every year or they will break through the pot. They could stay in pots a long time if they are divided.

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Thank you! :D

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Peppers love pots. I have seen where others are growing the peppers in smaller than 5 gallon containers. Last year I had a jalapeno in a 3 gallon container.

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