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My Giant Basil Plant!

Hey There,
Well as you can see my plant is growing straight into the sun :shock:
Anyway my question is, how far can I cut it back without killing it?
Here it is.
Here's another pic next to my Supermodel :P to show you about how big it really is.
He he... I want to chop the sucker down but I don't want to kill it. Advice Please?? :D

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That is the largest basil I have ever seen! :shock:

If you cut it back by about a third you should be alright. As long as there are leaves below the cut and you don't go into the old wood you won't kill it.

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It is indeed a large basil plant. The photo shows that it is as tall as the roof of the house!

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Wow. I thought basil was annual? That's impressive :D

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