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Cuprix Hydroxide (fungicide) on indoor and outdoor plants

Hi all! Back again after a long absence..

I have just applied some Cuprix Hydroxide (fungicide) to some indoor plants and will now wash it off after a few hours of sitting there.

Is this the correct procedure? I have scoured the net high and low for informaiton on Cupric Hydroxide and copper is generally regarded as a toxin in large quanties so I don't want to get it in the plant soil or give the soil a few good cycles of rinsing once a week for a while?

I also used this for some black spots I have found on outdoor plants. It seems I should apply it once with a repeat application in a few weeks. As we don't receive much rain, I presume the night mist or moisture will be sufficient to gt it off the leaves (if required).

Any thoughts on the use of Cupric Hydroxide?

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