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When to transplant chilies

Hi, I'm from South Africa and it's the start of Autumn/Fall and all my pot plant are growing rather well except for my dad’s Chili plant, my dad planted an entire packet of chili seeds into a pot about 20 cm across and 25 cm high and they've been growing for a few months, I've counted about 15-20 little plants and 3 big ones that are about 35-40 cm tall, the smaller plants are starting to wilt a bit, their leaves have started to curl up so I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I should remove the smaller plants or just transplant all into a bigger pot. My neighbor said I have to wait until after winter to transplant but he is a mechanic so I'd rather get a second opinion.

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The plants are way too crowded and are competing with each other for water, light, nutrients. That size pot is big enough to grow ONE pepper plant to maturity.

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