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Avocado tree under attack by little black bugs

My avocado tree is in a container in the house, first all the leaves dropped off. Next the trunk started turning black so I cut the black portion off, now I'm finding little black bugs in the dirt around the top. I sprinkled cinnamon all over the top of the dirt. Is there anything else I can do to save the avocado tree? Thanks Ellen from Georgia :(

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When you cut the black trunk, did the black go all the way through the cross section? Some of my avocados turned black this summer and I panicked, but I found out they sunburn like that.

The leaves falling off may or may not be related -- a lot of the leaves brown and fall in the winter I think due to lack of humidity and also lower than optimal temperature to maintain green.

And the black bugs in the soil may or may not be related.

At a guess, though if they are all related, the avocado may have suffered root rot due to sitting in water too long/overwatering? If this was the case, cross section of the cut would have sown brown/blackened interior.

Your use of cinnamon suggests you suspect fungus gnats. If that Swheat they are, they are a symptom rather than the cause -- I.e. they're not really attacking the avocado.

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