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Trouble with mint

I recently transplanted some mint from my mother's garden in chicago to a pot in ann arbor. the mint is starting to go from a dark green to a light green. When I transplanted, I took some and planted it in a clear and shady area in a forest near my home as well. The forest-planted mint is still nice and dark but the container mint is getting lighter by the day. The planter is well drained. Filled the bottom with foam packing material, then some potting soil around the transplants. I gave the pots Miracle grow twice in three weeks. My balcony gets a lot of sun.

I think it might be too much sun or possibly too much fertilizer. Any thoughts?

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Hi Ann :D

I think you nearly answered your own question there. Mint unlike most other herbs prefers moist soil and semi shade. It copes with sun but you get much better leaf colour with some shade from the afternoon sun. I wonder as well how long ago you potted it. They do grow quite rapidly and it may very well have already outgrown the pot it is in. Might be worth taking it out and checking how much room it has. They do like to be well fertilized but personally I would use an organic fertilizer if you intend to eat it.

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I potted it about a week ago. I will take your advice on the fertilizer. I read everywhere however, that mint likes full sun and only tolerates partial I guess this goes to show that I can't believe what's on the net.

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You won't necessarily need packing material in the bottom, it could be retaining too much water and making the soil soggy. When I had mint, it grew well in soil with a small clay piece covering the hole in the bottom of the plant pot. That allowed the water to drain normally.

Mint also does better in its own pot. :)

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