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Help save this hibiscus :(

Hello forum. My girlfriend and I recently adopted a potted hibiscus that doesnt seem to be doing very well. It definitely suffered some stress being transported, so we brought it inside, put it in a pot with some generic potting soil, watered it, and left it by a window, but it's gone from green to yellow. Is there anything we can do to save it?

The soil has been damp for a few days after being watered. Should we try to keep it under artificial lighting? Water it more? Soak the roots in water? Prune it? Sorry, I'm really clueless here.


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trim the branches back. digging it up apparently damaged the root system, and the plant is unable to support the branches I would cut back half of it. allow the soil to dry before watering again. hows the weather outside? if its not freezing temps put outside whenever the sun is shining. if you have artificial lighting use it. hibiscus is pretty hardy and it should bounce back fine. hop this helps.

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Not to fear. This plant is the tropical hibicus. It will go through this normal transition when brought inside for the winter. Sadly this will happen again when you place it back outside. It will grow new leaves. I did this for years with mine. It was 8' tall and my son told to let it go,he was tired of moving it in and out. Careful not to over water and place near the brightest window. Hope I have helped. :D

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