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Drooping peace lily, no color change

Hi all

I have a peace lily from my grandma's funeral (it will be 3 years next April). My sister never got one and my brother's just died. Mine was going nuts (at least 2 feet wide and a foot tall). I removed it from the pot and loosened most of the soil. Took a shovel and cut up the plant into two small plants (each with 5-6 stems), one very small plant (just one stem to take to my office) and put the rest back in its original pot.

It was really root bound and I ended up cutting through a couple tubers with the shovel. The three I cut off are doing great. Sprouting new stems, nice and perky. But the original is starting to look droopy. A few leaves are yellow but no more than the usual random die off. The majority of leaves are very dark green. There is a very light green, what looks like, abscission layer, and the stem is very dark green.

Soil felt dry so we watered it. Drooped even more. Let it dry out, still droopy. A little bit of water, nothing. Closer to the window for light, nothing. Misting, nothing.

I really do not want to lose this lily. It's the only thing I have left of my grandma's and it means a lot to me for my siblings and I to have a little piece of the same plant.

I would greatly appreciate any help.


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I was gonna say it looked over watered at first glance, but now I'm stumped.What kind of soil is it in is my next question?

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