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My dwarf peace lilly may need repoting.

my name is Alex. I'm new to the forms and like my forum name subjests (Meatyallstar) I like biting into big and meaty things.

Well this saterday I went to Bachmens and got a small peace lily, along with a light meter kit and bigger pot for my new Rojo congo philodendron. The peace lily was in full bloom. Its in about a 6 inch pot, and is about 15 inches tall. I checked the soil and roots are starting to poke up into plain view as well as out of the drainage holes. However it looks healthy and vigorous. I got a bigger pot for it at home depo.

Should I wait until spring or re pot it next weekend? I have a warm air humidifer on full blast in my room so its nice and humid plus I have spring water to water it with later on. I got potting soil for both plants, mericle grow organic. :wink:

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