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Two pot problems?

Hi, new member here *waves* having a couple of problems.
I've just moved house (my first) and decided to do some gardening...we have a conservatory on the back of the house (all glass with a plastic roof) and bizarrely has a grapevine growing in it through the wall! so gets pretty hot and humid in there since it gets sun all day long.

The problems... I have several teracota pots with various plants inside...and am having problems with a few. The plants I have (sorry if I spell the names wrong or use non "technical" names..I'm new at this gardening lark! lol) begonia, busy lizzies and erm, oh shoot I can't remember the other, some kind of trailing flower that was meant to be good for edging pots with. so I planted them all in peat compost in my pots, and watered them in nicely...I was told to leave htem in the conservatory for a couple of weeks before putting them outside.

That was a week ago, and now..I notice a yellow moss growing around the plants on top of the this normal or is it something I should be owrried about?

and now the more worrying part :? (to me lol)... when I water these pots with the looks like steam is coming up from the first I thought I'd made a mistake and was watering with hot water or something but no...cold's like steam... it whisps through the air and dissapears :?: . Can anyone shed any light on what is going on there? is it the moss?

Thanks for any help you can provide and sorry if I asked stupid questions! we're both new to this! We do have a 3 year old runnign around, so if the moss is toxic or problematic, we'd like to get rid of it asap!

Thanks again, and great forum! I'll definatley be back for future tips!

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It's your moss alright; it's not dead! Sounds like you have new sphagnum moss (which becomes peat) growing and sporing (the "steam"). Won't hurt anything, just clean it out before it gets too far along (and dry that peat out!)


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