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Bucket that held swimming pool chlorine - safe for growing?

Hi. I found the below ad in Craigslist. Is it safe to grow vegetables in a bucket that used to hold swimming pool chlorine? Thanks!

I'm selling 6 gallon buckets with spin type locking lids. Same diameter as 5 gal. but taller. Rated at 55 pounds. Had swimming pool chlorine in them. Safe for many uses...storing pet foods, tools...etc. $3. each with minimum of 5. Includes plastic handle.

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We have a pool also, and the chlorine tablets come in 5 gallon buckets.
Just wash out the buckets and they are fine to use.

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Re: Bucket that held swimming pool chlorine - safe for growi

My parents used to give me those, and the fastest way I found to get the smell out was to fill with water, and add a tb of PRIME aquarium dechlorinator. It was gone overnight! Otherwise, it seemed the smell lingered, even in the heat of the summer, which I figured would evaporate it quickly.

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