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what size container for sunflowers?

I have some sunflowers I started and realized the pots are way too small... I forgot how big they get! so I plan to transplant them soon to try and save them, would a 5 gallon bucket be large enough or should I try planting them in the ground?

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I always started mine in small containers to protect them from the crows, then moved them to near my back fence.

If you want to keep them in containers, I think they would do better in something broader than a 5-gallon bucket, especially if they'll be exposed to any wind. Perhaps you could find some big plastic tubs at the Dollar Store, or on sale at Walmart. Just be sure to drill plenty of drain holes in the bottom, and don't use a heavy clay soil for planting the seedlings.

I would also make sure to grow them beside a trellis or tall fence, so you could tie the tall stems to the support as they grow. JMO opinion, and the way I would do things. I'm sure others will offer more ideas.

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I have moved 4 foot sunflowers from one place in the garden to another but you have to not disturb the roots much. as far as containers the sunflowers will grow in any container but it will dwarf the true size. You will get some nice flowers even in a 2 gallon container! Try to put one in a five gallon bucked with two climbing beans in the container or even a pea plant! Planting a sunflower from a containr works best when the ground is wet after a rain! I plant sunflowers everywhere and transplant as I need them all summer! Try the teddy bear sunflowers!

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It depends on the variety of sunflower! There's a million varieties from tiny dwarfs to giants. Larger plants need larger pots and more support.

Lots of smaller varieties would do just fine in a 5 gal.

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