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What size containers should I use?

I just ordered several berry plants and need some help figuring out what are the best containers for them (size/material/etc) - and which of them I should just plant in the ground.

Here is a list of the plants that I bought and what size the websites said they would be:
  • - Blueberry (Top Hat): ships as potted (4") two year old; mature 2' spread/height
    - Strawberies: ships as potted (4") two year old
    • - Fragola di Bosco: mature height 8-10", spread 14-18"
      - Purple Wonder: mature height 8-12", spread 10-12"
      - Elan F1: mature height 8-10", spread 14-18"
      - White Pineberry: mature height 8-12", spread 10-18"
    - Gooseberry (Hinnomaki Red): ships as potted (4") two year old; mature height 3-5', spread 2-4'
    - Currant (Perfect Red - Ribes sativum 'Perfection'): ships as a two year old; mature spread 3-4'
    - JuneBerry (Owen's Drawf?): ships as 1-2' plant; mature height 3'
Also, any potting/growing tips are greatly appreciated; I'm new to gardening and I am really looking forward to some berries next year. :D

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Hey, I know about the berry plants. :lol:

Blueberry, strawberry, gooseberry and currents all do well outside.

The strawberrys like lots of room and will spread out like you won't belive so I would put them in a sunny area and perhaps put a boarder around it to help contain them.

The other berrys do better out in the open (less bugs) they are slower growing and propogating. Don't need as much room.
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These two Extension Service articles have good advice:

[url=]Container Vegetable Gardening[/url]

[url=]Small Fruits for the Home Garden[/url]

Both articles have great information about caring for your plants as they grow. The berry paper includes information about pruning and fertilizing, as well.
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