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Container recieved as a birthday gift... What to put in it?

Hello to everyone! I hope this is in the right place...

My father got me a gorgeous asian pot with bamboo in it for my birthday a while back. The bamboo died... My sisters knocked it over repeatedly when I set it in a sunny spot in the living room, and I forgot to water it for long periods of time. Most of the sticks died and the weaved design just didn't look attractive with dead bamboo poles splattered about so I just threw it out entirely.

Well, now I am a bit more serious about plants, and I have this little asian style pot that is only 3 inches deep, about 14 inches long, and has no drainage holes at the bottom. (Though I do have some gravel leftover.)

I want to reuse it and keep it in the window in my room....

But since I am new to gardening I have no clue what could work in the container... I want something that will cheer up my room with a pleasant scent and eye appeal, and produce flowers. Being edible is a plus, since I am an aspiring chef and the rest of my plants are edible. I don't like growing things I can't eat. :lol:

The window doesn't stay too sunny for long, because we live in an area with many large trees around the homes, but it is lit fairly most of the day. I was thinking about dill. I have a fair amount of seeds put away from recently planting a small pot. ((It's just now sprouting, btw.)

Oh, and thanks! :)

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Hi GreenAcreBlues,

Welcome to The Helpful Gardener. Sorry to say the dill won't do well in a pot that is only 3" deep. It grows to 12" tall and the flower spikes will get to about 3'.

For such a shallow container the only plants that come to mind would be something with a small root system that wouldn't need much water. You would have to water VERY carefully or drill drainage holes. You might be able to plant some type of dwarf succulent or maybe some thyme. The thyme would need about 6 hours of sun.


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