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Potted Hydrangea Question

Hi! I am very new to hydrangea care and have several questions. I received a potted hydrangea has an Easter gift. I think it's a big leaf macro-whatever. I'd like to keep it alive! I was planning on transferring it to another pot in case we move, I can take it with us. Right now, I've been keeping it watered and well drained in the tiny pot it came in. I've just been using tap water. Is that what I should use? I had planned on re-potting it using potting soil, is that right? It has 3 large round blooms on it that have been there since Easter. They are starting to turn greenish. Should I cut them off or is it too late? I live in SE Pennsylvania, Zone 6. Where should I put the pot, N, S, W, E? When should I re-pot it? When can I put it outdoors? How can I maintain the blooms blue color, put nails in the soil? When I do plan to prune it if/when it ever flowers, do I cut back to between the the leaves? THANK YOU so much in advance for a response! I would appreciate all of your help!

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Keeping that plant in a pot would be a challenge; how soon are you moving? I'd plant it on a southern facing in a few weeks if it were mine; that's a pretty easy dig even when they get bigger.

Those greenhouse forced hydrangeas have bloomed out of season, so it's ending it's flowering cycle, that's why it's going green. As soon as the flowers pass is the best time to prune; if you are going to attempt keeping it in a pot I'd prune hard, back to the last pair of leaves. It might work, but don't forget this wants to be a shrub, not a potted plant. BUt hey if they can keep bonsai... :)
I'd recommend getting an Endless Summer Hydrangea and planting it where I told you so you have blooms all summer...


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