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Growing Lettuce in a Gutter

I've seen this all over the internet and was wondering if anyone has had success. Basically, you screw the piece of gutter to the fence, fill it with soil, and plant lettuce. I'm not sure that drainage holes would be needed, because it would dry out pretty fast on it's own. Mine would be on the north side of a south facing fence, and would remain pretty shaded a lot of the time.

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My house gutters fill with tree leaves then it turns to compost material so 1 year I threw lettuce seeds on the roof then I totally forgot I did that until pulling into the driveway one day and seeing lettuce growing in our gutter. LOL. I had to get a ladder to harvest lettuce and it was good on a sandwich.

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We did do a fence garden using gutters. They do work but they are shallow containers and do dry out fast. In summer we had to water them twice a day.

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