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Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:19 pm
by jghogue
Greetings all!

I live in Akron, OH (zone 5) and have my amorphophallus (prainii I believe) sitting on my desk because I don't know what to do with it now that summer is over. Should I cut it back and store the corm until next year or let it winter over with my other indoor plants. If I keep cutting it back, will it ever bloom?

This is its third year and I can tell the corm has grown this summer because the potting mixture is extremely raised.

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:59 am
by rainbowgardener
My next door neighbor grows these voodoo lilies (the scientific name amorphophallus translates to formless or mis-shapen penis). Quite impressive in an odd way.

Here's a little information about what to do now:

It's important for the corm to have a dry, dormant period in its life cycle. In the fall, let the pot dry out completely, and allow the leaf to die back naturally until it is completely withered. Do not cut it off, as it may be moving important sugars down into the corm. After that, store it in its pot for the winter, in a cool, dry, dark place somewhere between 42 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you get one that starts to flower (usually in February or March), water it well once, and let it do its thing. Otherwise, in the spring, take the dormant corms out of dry storage, remove them from the dirt and leave them in a warm room. This a good time to sort and separate small corms from the primary corm and ready those to be planted separately. Plant in late spring when you can see the pink eye/s emerging. In the Midwest, start your corms indoors and transfer them to your deck or patio after night temperatures stay above 55 degrees F.

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 5:08 pm
by jghogue
Thank you. The article link was very informative.