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Any advice on keeping a bougainvillea plant alive indoors?

Hi folks

I saw the amazing colour of the bougainvillea yesterday and just couldn't resist. I bought it even though I don't have a yard.

I was hoping I could keep it alive inside, if I was diligent about giving it enough light and water. I've put it near a south facing window. I can give it direct sun every few days by putting the plant on my air conditioning unit which juts out like a window sill.

Should this do the trick? Or is there something else I need to do?

Thanks so much!


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Bouganvillea are pretty easy care and should do well indoors, in a sunny indoor space. I would think moving the plant in and out all the time would be harder on it than just leaving it indoors.


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So glad you posted that blog entry. I'm very glad I bought that bougainvillea now. Easy to take care of is definitely for me.

I'll move it indoors as you've suggested and enjoy looking at it with every meal.

:) Yonnie

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I'm no expert on these guys, but we have a couple in pots (outside though) and I'd have to say they are almost impossible to kill. Mine manage to look dead most years in even our mild winters but they always come back beautifully. They do seem to like a lot of food though!

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I would suggest a terra cotta pot so that you can control the moisture. They like well drained soil. I would also look for a heavy duty Lazy Suzan so you can rotate it every couple of days to face the light. I have 2 potted on the deck and they are thriving. Wally World also carries a fertilizer for them that seems to be working.

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