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Do you have any self-watering container recommendations

This year I'd like to invest in some self-watering containers to do some small veggies. Any you'd like to recommend?

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I'm not sure what you mean by "self watering containers" but, you can set up a rain catchment systems using a barrell or oil drum and run tubes from the barrell (raised up towards the ceiling of a greenhouse or just up if outside) to your planters.

Also, you can purchase microtube watering systems that will be very expensive but, they work.

Personally, I Like using mother natures water supply and gravity. It's free and it works just fine.

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Hi Fostermamas,

My hubby brought some home from my mother in law last year, along with some tomato and pepper plants. I didn't like them as they kept the soil too wet. I think the pots came from Wal-Mart.


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I would check out the ones in some gardening catalogues over something that came from a big box store - I saw some that looked pretty good in Gardener's Supply Company catalog - They had some that fit on a picket fence as well as pot types.

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Hello fostermamas,

Here in NC we often have dry periods and high heat so I have tried many watering systems. I have tried milk jugs with a hole in the bottom for hill plantings. They are unsightly, and plug up easily or release too quickly and they do need to be filled manually anyway.
I also rigged up an elaborate rain barrel system on a platform about 5' off of the ground. I ran many 1/8" tubes all over the garden. It was not successful for me because it was pretty difficult to come up with a cheap way to throttle the flow with such a low head pressure. without pressure, drip flow is highest in the shorter tubes, so flow in some tubes was high while others had zip. And it was also unsightly!
Next I tried a standard micro tubing irrigation system with emitters. That can actually be done fairly inexpensively, but must be connected to a pressurized system and should not be done if you are on treated city water. Unbelievably, I still had problems with this system. Tiny insects crawl into the emitters when they are not in use so I invested a lot of time fussily sticking paper clips into emitters.
Finally, I've reverted back to relying on my mulch and timely hand watering. This also keeps me more aware of plant condtions. There are worse places to be than in your garden watering! For row crops, I do use soaker hoses - I have a well - but these are somewhat wasteful of water in my opinion.

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fostermamas wrote:This year I'd like to invest in some self-watering containers to do some small veggies. Any you'd like to recommend?
I am not sure if this is wxactly what you are looking for, but I make my own "earth-buckets" out of 5-gallon buckets. first tried them last year and they didn't seem to be too wet or too dry. but it was late in the season when I tried them so the plants didn't make it before the frost hit.

in my location for the most part containers is the only way to go. all sand, stones, and very poorly drained. most of my garden last year was mostly in 55 gallon barrels (1/3rd cut off and set on its side.) and it turned out ok, but they are too big to be easily moved about at the end of the year.

will try to post pics if you want.

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