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Need Help with Peace Lily

Hope I am putting this in the correct forum but I have several beautiful Peace Lilies that I want to display in our county fair in 3 weeks. How do I get them to bloom? Any help is very welcome. I have already searched the web but either don't know where to look or there is just nothing there.

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I don't have an answer for your question, but it certainly has intrigued me. :)

I found [url=]this article[/url] that discusses treatment of Spathiphyllum with gibberellic acid (GA3 ) to force blooms in younger, smaller plants. My Spath clearly has been treated with this chemical, because not only is it quite small, but it also has the more strap-shaped leaves that the chemical causes. It has not bloomed in many months.

I'm not interested in forcing my plant to bloom by treating it chemically, but the article also mentions forcing them into bloom by varying the day length and temperatures. I'm very interested in that, and I do it with great success to make my holiday cacti bloom for many months. It's fun, especially when visitors express surprise and wonder at seeing my holiday cacti in bloom during the summer months. :lol:

I hope that other members who have Spathiphyllum and have learned how to keep them blooming ... or are interested in learning how to do so ... will join in our discussion here. :)
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