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my dracaena needs help! PLEASE HELP HER

She is about 12" in bark, she was a Mothersday present and I kept her the the original pot until three days ago. W happened was her leaves started toturn yellow & fall off very easily,I consulted a friend which stated that it looked as if because there wasn't any drainage holes in the pot, the roots had began to rot :cry: and it needed a bigger pot. So I did repot it , But what can I do now to bring those stumps back to life? She has three trunks braided together, and two of them just has tips and no leaves,Do I cut them alittle to grow back or what do I do to keep this dragon tree alive. Please help!!

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I'd just leave it as is, try not to water it back to health - that'll be only detrimental.
Water plenty when needed, not on a schedule, and be aware that plants without leaves need less water, so check the soil for dryness before watering again.

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You can't keep it alive, because it doesn't have roots, but you might be able to take a cutting from it and start a whole new plant. It will be a clone of your original plant, so will be identical.

Cut the main stem off about 1 or 2 inches above soil level. Pot it up in a smaller pot ... I would use a pot about 4 inches in diameter. You have already learned about the importance of using a container that has drainage holes in the bottom. If you keep a drainage saucer under the container, to protect your furniture, be sure to pour off any water that collects in it. You never want the container to stand in water for more than 20 minutes or so.

Dracaenas don't require much water, so be careful not to water them too often. Dig into the soil with one of your fingers to test for dryness. If it's dry down to an inch or two below the surface, then it's time to water again.

I usually recommend a mix of standard potting mix combined with a handful or two of perlite. In this case, however, you should use vermiculite instead of perlite. Dracaenas are sensitive to fluoride, and perlite can sometimes leach fluoride into the soil. Because dracaenas are sensitive to fluoride, you will want to water with distilled water, rather than tap water.

Does that help you? :)
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