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Please ID Mystery Plant!

I received this plant with some other houseplant starts about a year ago. It was just a tiny thin little vine with some soft round leaves that fell off easily; they eventually all dropped off and only a little stump was left. That's been growing into THIS ever since! You can see the original and the cutting, which is now sprouting a broccoli-looking flower. A few weeks after I cut it, the original started branching off big time. The leaves feel sort of waxy and firm.

I want to help this plant thrive but I don't have a clue what it is. Thanks!!



[img][/img] :) :)

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:?: Anyone????? It looks like it could be very interesting, IF you knew what it was??? Sorry I don't either. :roll:

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Best guess I can make is Kalanchoe of some kind. The big oval smooth leaves are what kinda throws that off. Kalanchoe, especially under less than ideal conditions, can be pretty variable.

Whatever, looks like it will need fast draining soil, and to get slowly acclimated to more intense light.

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It sort of looks like a jade plant to me. I don't know their habits well enough to judge by anything other than the leaves, though.

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