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Winter Container with Heathers & Pansies


I'd like to create some patio colour over the winter, and have bought some heathers and pansies, thinking they could go together (I've seen a few commercial mixed containers). But when I bought the compost, I realised that heathers are limehating :o - I've bought the ericaceous compost, but will the pansies be OK in this? Also, I thought I'd put in a few mixed bulbs, would they be OK?
Thanks! :)

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Does your compost contain lime?

I've been growing heather for years and just put it in the soil with compost and manure and it does great. Pansies are nice accomaniment but, are an annual so, you'll have to replant them year by year. Try some violas as well. Also, for some fall and winter colour in your baskets, try some Hellebores.

Don't overload your baskets, but yes a few bulbs should be fine.

Anybody else have any other ideas?

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I have had no luck overwintering "winter pansies" in pots in my zone 6 northern NJ garden. They do fine in the ground and even bloom on warm sunny days in the winter. But the pansies in the pots die even if I move the planters to a protected spot and insulate the pots with a layer of leaves and burlap (on the sides ). The only thing I could think of is they might need to be watered more often. Any ideas or suggestions?

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The pansies should be fine with the heathers. I wouldn't try Hellebores with heathers, as Hellebores like lime. They'll do fine for a year or 2, then they'll get a black fungus. Add lime, they'll recover . . . but then, of course, the heathers will be unhappy!

Small bulbs--crocus, small-type daffodils, Muscari, snowdrops--should be fine. You could try a small Azalea, such as Hino Crimson, in the container, or a very dwarf Japanese maple. Hardy Geraniums will also do well . . . there's a lovely one named "Midnight Reiter", with deeply cut purple foliage. Also Heucheras--they come in all manner of foliage, from dark purple ("Stormy Seas") to chartreuse ("Key Lime Pie"), to bronze ("Peach Flambe"), to silver and green ("Snow Angel"), to my favorite: purple with pink mottling "Midnight Rose".

Have fun!

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I have been trying to figure out what to put on the west side of my house I have a few hostas that have survived it is a really rocky non fertile area except for the weeds of course and I seen this posting for heuchera had never heard of them before but after researching on them and seeing photos they r absolutely gorgeous I am hoping I can find some here in my area to buy because I have never bought plants online before being a new gardener just picking things up here at Hy-vee grocery store nursery and Wal mart which I have had pretty good luck with so far has anyone bought plants online and can recommend good site and also can I still plant heuchera at this time of year I live in zone 5 Illinois iowa border thanks for help

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