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Container vs. In-Ground Fertilizer

I'm a newbie gardener. I have three Earthboxes that I plan to put tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers in this summer. They require a cup of dolomite and then 2-3 cups of fertilizer poured in a strip on the opposite side of the box from where the plants will be. Looking at my fertilizer, I realized that I accidentally purchased Miracle Gro Organic Fertilizer, but it's for in-ground planting, not for containers. What is the difference between in-ground and container fertilizers? Will it make that big of a difference?


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No, I don't think it will matter. One point to consider is that all fertilizers contain salts, and when used on plants growing in containers, it's better to keep fertilizer solutions weaker than is recommended on the label. I mix at 1/4 the strength recommended on the label.

In the ground, rain and irrigation wash the salts away, but in a container, they tend to build up in the soil. In the case of a container with a water reservoir, as opposed to drainage holes, that might be even more of a problem. Just some things for you to consider.

I haven't used Earthtainers, and generally avoid containers with reservoirs, having had poor success with them in the past. I'm aware that many people swear by them, though. :)

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I'm not familiar with Miracle Gro Organic fertilizer, but keep in mind tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers are flowering/fruiting crops and will need the correct N-P-K ratio with not too much Nitrogen, especially once they are close to blooming.

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