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to snip or not to snip gardenia buds

I have 7 tiny gardenia plants that were started from cuttings taken from newer growth on a well developed gardenia ( trained into tree form aprox 6 ft tall) from a friend at the end of summer last year.

One of the plants has actually produced a tiny bud - and I don't know if it's best to let it just do it's own thing ( grow and flower ), or to snip off the bud and see if the plant will grow perhaps taller / wider / fuller, and grow more leaves & branches before it trys to produce buds & flower. The plant in question has 1 leaf ( there used to be a set of two - but one dropped off ), then a set of three leaves, then the bud ( with it's two teeny tiny leaves on either side ), and is aprox 3 inches tall from the base of the plant where it meets the soil until the top of the bud.

Should I leave the bud ?

Or should I snip it off....and let the plant grow larger.


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:) Why don't you experiment a bit, if you have that many plants started??? I would leave this one and try snipping flower buds off some of the others, OR the other way around, whichever you choose? To me anyway, it sounds like a fun experiment. Good Luck. :wink:

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