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What causes Chimera Violets leaves to roll?

I just got a Chimera violet as a gift. Its been doing fairly well but I noticed the leaves of the plant are starting to roll up. Can anyone please tell me what might be causing this?

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I'm not sure about chimeras. I have one, and it's been a struggle ever since I bought it. It seems to be improving with time, though. It was a "rescue" and in bad shape when I bought it, so I knew it would require some work.

For African violets in general, leaves can curl -- usually upward, called "spooning" -- because of too much light, and they can curl downward from too much fertilizer, temperature that are too low, and not allowing the water to come to room temperature before watering the plant.

Sometimes mite infestations can cause leaves to curl, too.

You don't say which direction the leaves on your plant are curling, so I can't say for sure what the cause might be.

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