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drainage holes for containers.

Hey all, I've got a quick question about drainage holes. I just read somewhere that said that they aren't necessary for people doing indoor gardens that are being watered and the water and hydration is being controlled manually. If this is true, then I wouldn't need one for the containers on my covered patio right? Just wondering about that and any info on this would be helpful. thanks :)

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The only containers I have that I do not have drainage holes in are the ones I use to hold my hydroponics systems!


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It isn't impossible to grow a plant in a container that doesn't have drainage holes, but it certainly is difficult. The vast majority of such plants die from root rot, as a result of too much water, or else they die from lack of water. Still, it isn't impossible. JMO.

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Not intending to sound pompous about it, but I think after you've grown enough plants, you do get the "feel" for how much water a certain size plant in a certain size container might need after so many days under specific wetaher and growth conditions. THEN, chances of success with containers withOUT drainage holes would be better.

A container with drainage hole(s) sitting (raised) in an appropriately sized drip tray is MUCH MUCH easier to maintain, with better margin for -- and recourse -- in case of an error. That's not just MHO -- "It's a FACT." (try that in Marisa Tomei voice from My Cousin Vinnie). :wink:
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The container would need to be much cooler than the plant in order for it to be worth it.

But, thats just my opinion... :P

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My biggest concern is that the water you would water the plant with probably has metals and salts in it. This is bad because only the water evaporates, whereas the metals and salts do not, and build up in the soil. In containers with drainage holes, the new water washes out the salts, and so there is not much of a problem.

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