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A pic of my Calathea roseo-picta

This is my little Calathea roseo-picta, a lovely, bright little plant that works wonderfully in dark corners of the home. The red and green coloration can contribute a nice and not-quite-so-common addition to Christmas decorations.

If the plant is in too bright of light, the colors become paler. There are a number of cultivars. I don't know which mine is, I just grabbed it at the grocery store one day. This species likes evenly moist soil, so I water it when the surface of the soil feels very dry to the touch. By "very dry", I mean that if my fingertips detect any coolness, such as would come from moisture, I know it isn't time to water it yet. It sits in the back corner of my kitchen counter (I pulled it out of the corner to take the pic), so it's handy for me to check the soil every day. As with the majority of my plants, I prefer to water it by immersion. :)

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Very Pretty, I didn't know they liked dark corners! Might consider getting one now, as I have a perfect spot for it. Love the pink on that one.

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