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Container Gardening without Container!

I started this project this week to show examples of how easy it is to grow your own food with little or no experience.
1 bag top soil
20 bean seeds
Lay the bag in a sunny location, take a sharp knife and cut small (x) in rows all over the top. Next I pushed one seed into each sliced area. I will be taking a picture of this process as it grows. Keep in mind the cost for this project is $2.50 for 40 lbs. topsoil, $1.50 for bean seeds.
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Ummm ... I always considered that anything that you could put stuff in qualified as a "container". JMO. :)
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I have a "bag" garden, and I hate the thing. The water tends to run just a little and right over the top and out. You have to sit there, and keep lifting edges to get the water into the bag.

And they dry out like crazy!

Right beside them, in some really lousy soil, mostly rocks, are plants that are in the ground, and they are looking alot better, less wilt, less maintenance, and they are baby plants still sitting in cloches... maybe the cloches are what is keeping them looking good, hmmm?

I use cloches in winter to keep plants warm, and in summer to shield them from the sun, while they are young transplants.
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That's a clever idea, hadn't thought of a bag of soil as a container. :)

I saw an article about someone using tires with soil inside the tire to plant potatoes, adding a tire every few weeks with new seed potato in each tire, then harvest accordingly. Not the prettiest planter but I thought it was an interesting idea.

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