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Gerbera Daisies

I have a gerbera in a container & it was blooming for a while- not the leaves are discolored & there are no new buds- that I can see.

I looked at the soil yesterday & it seems pretty soggy- could the roots be rotting causing the discoloration in the leaves? its almost like a purple/yellowish color on the leaves.

what should i do? try to salvage the plant or cut my losses?

thank you!

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Soggy is rarely good for any potted plant! Take a look at the roots themselves. If they are dark, mushy, fragile (fall off the plant easily), you have root rot. You can try treating it by washing away all the soil, trimming away all the roots that seem affected. If you have to trim away a significant amount of the root system, then trim away (with clean scissors!) a similar proportion of the leaves. If would have to trim away more than half of the roots, your plant is likely not salvageable. If you think it is savable, repot in fresh potting soil, being sure to provide good drainage.

But gerbera's are annuals, so I probably wouldn't go to any heroic efforts to save one. Next time be careful with watering -- root rot is usually from over watering. Don't leave the pot sitting in a saucer with water in it.
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