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Cobaea scandens

I bought a cobaea scandens at a tag sale in early June. It was about 5" tall, a little wilted, and I knew nothing about it. The seller only knew that it was a vine and got purple flowers. So what the was only 75 cents!!! I took it home, put it in a pot with a bamboo stake, and stuck it in the corner of my yard, where I forgot about it for a month.
Long story short, it's now about 5' tall (I had to move it to a proper trellis and bigger pot; no easy feat as it adheres well) and covered in buds (should start opening in a couple days from the looks of things) However, I've been looking on line for more info, and I can't find any pictures that look like it. It has the same peculiar buds and leaves and tendrils (I'm positive it's really a cobaea from the pics) but the undersides of the leaves and the stems are deep reddish purple...much prettier that any types I've seen online. Anyone know this cultivar? I forgot to take pictures (I've been waiting for it to bloom) but I can post some tomorrow if needed.

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cup and saucer vine, sometimes called cathedral bells. Very nice, but only winter hardy in zone 9 and 10. It may over-winter inside, if you cut it back and bring it in.

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