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Clematis in a container???

I've just planted a Clematis in a container. The reason for this is that a propane gas pipeline runs right underneath where I want it to be and I'm a bit nervous about digging around the gas line - or letting a vigorous plant establish roots around it.

Now so far (about 6 weeks) its grown really well - made a whole lot of new growth and taken off up an improvised trellis of garden canes and string.

What I'm wondering is - will the Clematis thrive in a container in the long term? Will there come a point where the roots have nowhere else to go and the plant will die? It's a good big container - about 2' by 2' by 2'. I'm keeping it well watered and have put some slates on top to shade it from direct sun. (I understand they like their roots cool)

Any thoughts folks?


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I would think that a container that small would only suffice for a year or two. You may want to put some plants around the box itself, shading the soil only won't be enough to keep the roots cool.

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Any container plants eventually rus out root places in years..
I have LOT of container plants. it could be tuff :)
I normally replant them either in larger containers or same pots every 2 years. I take them out of container, shake off old soils. cut off root balls abit and replant in containers with fresh soil.
I have dwarf orange tree in half wine barrell. I replanted them in same way this year(lot of musle work) I probably will do same in 4 years for this one.
Meanwhile each spring i scrape off top soils as much as I could without puliing plant out of barrell then add new soil. it certainly helping plants.
Some plants are not happy root disturbed so have to be careful.

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