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please help me repot my Hibiscus plant!

The leaves of hibiscus plant suddenly turned yellow last week so I plan to repot it in a larger container but the main bottom stem of the plant is tilted and all the branches are growing on that tilted stem. WIll it be a problem as the plant grows taller. Is there anything I can do to correct this problem or should I just let it be.

We went to a shop last summer and my husband asked me to buy this little hibiscus plant. I bought this for him(he has never before asked me to buy any plant except this one!) so this is special... so I want to be very careful with it :D My husband really loves this little plant and even the plant was unhappy where ever I kept it but when I put it in our bedroom it has been growing taller and blooming even in winter. Seems it loves being with us :D

Below are the photos:



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