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My window box (updated)... too crowded?

As some of you might remember, I'm a newbie attempting to grow some nice plants on a window box.

This is the current state of affairs. I just noticed today that a small flower is already growing in one of the alyssum plants (can you see it in the picture?)

My gut feeling tells me that the window box is way too crowded, and that this might not be good for the overall group of plants. What do you think?


I got some statices, petunias, alyssums, and some nasturtium plants in there.

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Yes, it's somewhat crowded. The plants might not get as large, nor bloom quite so profusely, as they could have under ideal conditions. Nasturtiums can spread over a fairly large area, so they might tend to overwhelm the other plants. That isn't necessarily engraved in stone, though. The other plants might do just fine.

The only thinning I would suggest at this time is maybe removing two or three of the plants growing on the right hand side of the box.

Otherwise, I think you should leave things as they are. Others may feel differently, but this is your first effort at gardening, and you can learn a whole lot just by watching and observing how the plants grow. Next year, you will have a much better concept of how many plants your window box can support. :)

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