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Help I.D. and treatment of dying plant

This plant is my mother's, and it used to be lively and well. However, recently the leaves have been turning yellow and dropping. What kind of plant is this? What can I do to save it? It is located right in front of the front door to our house, which is never left open (except for the time we have plumbers come over to work on our bathroom).



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Looks kinda like a Bamboo. Maybe you should put it away from the door. Second, check if it needs to be repotted or has mealybugs(white almost microscopic bugs that live on root ball and kill plant).
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I can't get a really good look from the pictures but I think it's a zz plant.

I have one in my office because they thrive in adverse situations and mine is doing well. Bought one for my daughter's dorm room - not doing so well. Some neglect is good. Total neglect is not. Are you over watering?

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