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Garlic in pots

Hi, I've planted some garlic in pots, but I've stuffed a lot of them in there, probably only a couple of inches apart. They're starting to poke through the top of the soil. Does anyone know whether I can replant garlic at this stage or doens't it take well to replanting? Thanks in advance...
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I did the same thing this year. I have, I think, 7-8 pieces per 10 gallon container. I think you should be ok if they are a few inches apart, unless it's a large variety like Elephant Garlic. BTW, I'm gonna plant two more containers worth. I love gahlic! lol

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It has been my experience that Garlic is best planted in the late summer or early fall. Whenever I have tried to plant, or transplant, garlic in the spring it seemed they were always set back. So although they may be a bit on the close side I think I would be inclined to leave them as is even if they might not reach their full potential.


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