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Plants that can grow in a 3-inch deep pot

I want to grow a couple of small plants on two of those tiny clay pots. The pots are about 3'' tall and 2'' in diameter.

They will get direct sunlight after noon. Before noon, they will be in the shade. Oh, and they will be outdoors. I would like something that looks pretty and smells good. I will be using Miracle-Gro potting mix.

I live in New York.

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Pansies would be good or african violets or mini-petunias or wax begonias.
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You can start an African violet in one of those tiny pots, but you will eventually have to repot it into a larger pot. A mature African violet requires a pot that is 4 inches in diameter. That's the maximum size pot you will need for an African violet. I have seen some African violets planted in 6-inch, and even 8-inch pots. At one time I had over 500 very lovely and healthy African violets, but I never needed to use a pot greater than 4 inches in diameter after an African violet had reached maturity. :)
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