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Starting Petunias and Statices indoors..

I'm setting up a window box, and I would like to start sowing Petunias and Statices right away because they seem to be slow growers. So I decided to use an indoor container to start them up. My question is: I know petunias and statices need full sun to grow, but is it ok if they don't get as much sun the first couple of weeks, while they start to grow?

Once I transplant them to the window box, they will get full sun.

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Petunia seeds need light to germinate. They are just scattered on the soil surface and left in/ under lights. The seedlings need a lot of light to thrive. This doesn't have to be sunlight, it can be artificial lighting from ordinary fluorescent bulbs, but they definitely need light and most likely more light than you can provide by a window.

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petunia are natives to the southern states and do thrive in full sun however I use them as humming bird feeders in shaded areas outdoors. I have petunians in pots right now that are blooming so I just want to comment that the ones I have indoors bloomed very fast from seeds. I remember the advice I got was to give them shade and I did and they were beautiful.

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