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Sowing seeds before frost is over

I'm setting up a window box and I got everything ready, but the plants I got all require that I wait until there is no more frost in order to sow the seeds. Or if I want to start now, I should start sowing indoors.

I live in New York, and the last frost date is around mid-april. What do you recommend? Should I wait until mid-april (seems like a long time), start indoors, or just start sowing seeds in the window box outside right now?

In case you can't tell, I am a complete newbie. :lol:

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It would help to know what kinds of seeds (what plants) we are talking about. Slower growing things might benefit from being started indoors, quicker growing ones can wait. Some plants can handle more cold than others.

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I remember the types of seeds from your earlier post. I would wait until after your last frost date.

One caveat: The location of your box -- full sun and against the wall -- will probably be warmer than, say, a spot away from the building or one exposed to wind. In your particular case, you might get away with sowing your seeds a couple of weeks earlier. It would be a risk, though. It's up to you whether you want to take the chance. :)

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OK I have one of my crazy ideas :idea:)

If you get a floating cover (usually called floating row cover) and staple velcro strips on the box and the cover, you could provide extra protection and still be able to peek under the cover for progress. If you want to, you can get more elaborate with wire hoops or wire fencing bent into a tunnel to support the cover up more and allow for more growth.

Actually, this is not too far fetched if you have pigeons or sparrows trying to scratch around in your window box.

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I got these seeds:


I might replace the Zinnias because it say on the packet that they grow 2-3 ft tall, even though I'm pretty sure they won't grow that tall for a newbie like myself, if they grow at all.

Oh, and I thought about the idea of covering the window box at night until the last day of frost. So I might do that....

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