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that is an awesome plant, I want one!

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Hey! My little Venus Fly Trap is actually catching flies! I've been keeping this plant right next to the computer, and this morning, I kept hearing buzzing noises. I finally realized that one of the traps that was open yesterday is closed. When I "candle" it with a flashlight, I can see a fly-sized dark mass inside :twisted: Another trap has opened with a fly carcass (this one I swatted lightly and put in the trap while it was stunned :twisted: My kitty was incensed since she thought SHE was going to get that one for a treat :lol: ), and a 3rd trap is digesting another fly-sized mass from a few days ago. At the moment, it only has 8 mature traps, so this is pretty good %. :D

During the summer, a few flies inevitably come inside with me if I forget to thoroughly brush myself off before entering, and, of course, there are the flies that apparently hang out by the door waiting for it to open. :evil:

This is really kind of cool. 8)

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I've never seen anybody actually keep a Venus Fly Tray alive. Such a beautiful plant. I tried to keep one in my greenhouse once. Once! You've inspired me to try again. Indoors that is.

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