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Showing off & I also have a ? about growing from cutting


my rubber tree plant thats a few years old... doing fantastic.. any tips for care of this wonderful plant??


My new little Dragon tree since my other one died. The story behind this new one is strange...

weirdest thing happened at the grocery store.. before me and my mom left we were examining my dead dragon tree and agreed to get a new one when we had money.. so we went to the grocery store and as I was going to meet mom by the checkouts with bread here she comes with a SMALL DRAGON TREE PLANT she found in the pet food isle.. I think it was placed there for us to find. Someone just happened to leave the same exact plant her and I had been talkign about before we left in an isle she just happened to go down...

i got the plant home and transplanted it into a terra cotta pot.. i hope to maybe get a 2nd little one then put them in the large pot my dead dragon tree was in...

How do I grow new tree's from this single new plant? i know you have to have cuttings and then put them in water but how far do I cut down etc after I cut it I can just put it in water with no dirt until it sprouts roots than plant it with the tree i cut it from??

[img][/img] my old dragon tree plant before it died..
[img][/img] RIP

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