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Repoting dwarf patio orange tree

During October, my wife and I purchased a dwarf patio orange tree and relocated it to Arkansas. The tree is still in its orginial pot because it has dropped virtually all of its leaves. It has put on a few leaves but these are dropping also. Can I repot to an 18 gallon container without fatally harming the plant. I have placed it in our entry way under a skylight with a temperature of 65 to 68 degrees. I'm concerned for the tree. Would apprecriate any advice.

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Welcome to the forums! It's nice to have you with us! :)

I've read your post a couple of times now. I don't know what kind of advice to offer without seeing the tree. Could you post a picture for us? I'm not sure I'll have any answers even with a pic, but some other member might. :)

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Re-potting the tree won't hurt it as long as you don't harm the plant in the process. Just be careful with it.

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