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Plumeria questions

My future sister in law went to Hawaii to visit her brother. She brought back a White Plumeria for me. I'm a fairly avid perennial gardener, but I have no idea what to do with this plant which is exotic for CT!!

It is about 10 inches long and came in a plastic bag with small holes. How soon do I need to plant it? What size pot do I plant it in? And does anyone have any other advice for the planting and care of this plant?

Andrea :)

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Plant it NOW! (like yesterday!) in a pot that will give it plenty of room for more root growth. It is a tropical and likes warmth, humidity, and lots of sun. For connecticut winters, it will do better with artificial light added; short, grey winter days aren't going to do for it. Any ordinary lamp or shop light will do. Set it on a humidity tray, keep it watered (moist but not wet) and mist sometimes.

Also known as frangipani, if it lives and flowers for you it will be gorgeous and fragrant.

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