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Anyone at all grow Adenium Desert rose?

Hi I was wondering how to get a nice swollen trunk on this I have no idea if it was graphed or from seed is there any way to tell? If so how do I and How do I get the trunk twisted and large?
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This is a new plant to me, so I know little to nothing about it, beyond what I've found online. It's very interesting, however! I'm going to keep my eye out for one, because I'd certainly like to have one in my collection! :)

Although it may be a trait of all the Adenium, as near as I've been able to learn, Adenium obesum is the one that has the especially thickened trunk. (From the article I've cited here, scientists aren't certain if there actually are more species in this group, beyond Adenium obesum).

A site with seemingly good information is this one from the University of Wisconsin:

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I have heard the only way to get a thick trunk with this plant is to grow it from seed. Cuttings will strike root and grow, but they will never become thick.

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