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Which Veggies Are Good for Containers?

I can only grow in containers. We love veggies. Which ones are good for containers?

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I'm assuming you mean 100% of the time in containers. Are you growing indoors or outdoors? Are you starting from seed or from a cutting? Are you aware of the importance of transplanting into larger containers as your plants grow?

Small-fruited, determinate tomatoes, lettuce, chiles and other small peppers are the most popular produce grown successfully in containers. There are also a few dwarf citrus trees, berries and some tropical fruits that can grow this way. Also, if you're interested in growing herbs, they would be the easiest out of the bunch.

However, it's more difficult to fully answer your question than it seems. It's not a matter of "all tomatoes grow well indoors" and "all citrus trees grow well outdoors". For example, many small-fruited tomatoes are indeterminates that grow very tall and wild. This is not suitable for most indoor growers, especially those with smaller growing areas. Hence avoid the word "indeterminate" for tomatoes. For other less noticeable cases, my advice is to find a reputable supplier that details whether the vegetable/fruit in question can grow well in containers. Try using the word "dwarf" in your searches; you should receive some luck.

Check out this post for some good seed suppliers -
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veggies in containers

Easiest thing to grow in containers is salad greens, lettuce, spinach, swiss chard. They don't need a lot of space and they don't need full sun, which means they can do ok in a bright window if you mean indoor containers.

Next easiest is probably herbs, basil, oregano, thyme, parsley. The basil likes a lot of sun, the rest aren't as fussy, and none of them are too fussy about soil, just don't overwater or overfertilize.

After that would be peppers, bell peppers or hot peppers. They do like a lot of sun, but if they can be in full sun, they do just fine in a good sized container.

For outdoor containers, people do grow most kinds of veggies in containers. Just be sure the containers are big enough and remember that containers dry out a lot faster than planting in the ground. If it is hot/dry you will have to water, maybe every day. As noted, you probably want to look for dwarf varieties.

Here's an article about it:

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I only grow in containers and have so far grown and am growing:

# Eggplant: Blacknite
# Capsicum
# Radish
# Buk Choy - White Stem.
# Silverbeet - Ruby Chard
# Oregano
# Coriander
# Curled Parsley
# Italian Parsley
# Chives
# Mini Capsicum
# Chilli
# Snow Peas
# Pak Choi
# Lebanese Eggplant
# Carrots
# Garlic
# Roma Tomato
# Basil
# Spring Onions
# Shiso
# Reggae Roma Tomato
# Rocket

See here:

and below for some tips etc. :D
I >>used to<< grow vegetables in containers on my balcony and this >>was<< my Blog:

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I have tomato plants, peppers, butternut squash and potatoes growing in large pots. Five gallon and larger. They do quite well.
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Container veggies

I have been growing veggies and flowers indoors hydroponically for a number of years. Half of the fun is experimenting to see what you can grow. So far, I have been able to grow pretty much anything I have tried. I guess it depends on how much effort you are willing to put into it. :wink:


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How big of a pot do I need to grow bell peppers?

So far I've grown several different types of tomatoes, basil (LOTS of basil), minty, sunflowers, chili peppers, radishes, and coriander. I just planted white radishes and paris market carrots. We'll have to see if they grow.

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Remember bell pepper plants get pretty big, easily 4' if doing well. So you need a good sized container for them, 16" diameter and deep. But given that (ONE pepper plant in a container that size), they do well in containers, as long as the plant gets enough light. They are full sun lovers.

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nearly any plant can be grown in a container, as long as the container is of the right size and you pay close attention to the soil moisture and nutritional requirements of the plants.

I have an indoor gardening website, and had a fellow just a couple weeks ago ask for advice on growing carrots and potatoes!

Not only was he growing in containers, but he was also growing them hydroponically!

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