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Growing flowers for my wedding?

Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for my question, but if anyone could give me some advice I would appreciate it.

My wedding will be Oct. 19 2009 and if possible, I would like to grow my own flowers for it. I live in southern NH, zone 5, so I suppose growing them outdoors is out of the question as we move into fall and cooler weather.

I have two questions:

1) Would it work to plant seeds in containers indoors, in a room that gets plenty of sunlight, and grown them entirely inside?

2) Would the flowers bloom in time for my wedding? The flowers I would like to use are zinnias, gloriosa daisies, purple coneflowers, purple asters, sunflowers, poppies and Chinese forget me nots. By the time the seeds arrive there will probably be about 7 weeks until the wedding.

Any suggestions you might have about how to make this work (or a reality check if its not possible) would be great. Thank you!

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7 weeks doesn't seem like enough time in my opinion. Not to flower atleast. Someone else might have a more definitive answer.

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flowers for wedding

Sorry, not a chance most of that is going to bloom in 7 weeks from seed. The zinnias might just make it, but not indoors, they like full sun.

The purple coneflower and asters are perennials. They are slow growing. Even if you had started them in the spring, they might not bloom this season.

If you were going to have this nice idea about growing flowers for your wedding, you needed to start in spring... sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings... :(

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Although it's too late to grow your bouquet flowers etc., it's not too late to grow seedlings as wedding favors! May not be practical if most guests are flying in from out of town, but could be a nice gesture (and a much nicer souvenir than the typical junk most people give out at weddings ;)). You could do up the little seedling pots very attractively and even have theme tables based on different types of flowers (e.g. the Zinnia table, the Sunflower table, etc.).

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