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green mulch for tomatoes

hello all. I am a big fan of using mulch and I want to try green mulch, using other plants growing under the main plant, for my tomatoes. does anyone know if this is ok to do with tomatoes and what plants would be the best?

thanks a bunch.

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If your tomato plants are growing in containers, I don't think I would plant anything else in with them. The reason for that is that tomato plants require a lot of water and they're heavy feeders. When the roots are confined in a container, they are already limited as far as accessing optimum amounts of nutrients and water. Adding other plants would only increase the competition, and risk weakening the tomatoes, which could invite diseases and insect infestations. JMO. :)

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I'm with Kisal; probably not a great fit. MAYBE clover, but the nitrogen fixing bacteria can be stingy too...


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Basil. Basil and tomatoes go great together and the basil kikes a lot of sun, but does appreciate a little shade. Plus the basil helps keep critters away from the tomatoes. As long as you have a large enough pot, that is. The smaller the pot, the less plants you can put in it successfully.

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